What would you do if the person you are seeing has a dark past? Would you believe them?

There's this guy I have been seeing for the past month and things are starting to get more serious. I really enjoy his company and we have been on 3 dates, plus I have come to watch him play hockey a few times.

He seems really nice and down-to-earth. But he told me about his past and I'm curious to see what you guys think.

Several years ago this guy was at a party with his friends. His girlfriend at the time got really drunk and was going to walk home by herself. She lived quite a ways away from where the party was so he stopped her from leaving. He grabbed her a little hard and left a mark on her arm. She was upset because she was drunk and he wasn't letting her leave, so they got into a fight.

He says she attacked him, and so he got some of her friends to take her to away so she could calm down and get some sleep.

In the morning he went to go get her and she wasn't there. He went home to the place they shared and all her stuff was gone. The cops showed up shortly after to arrest him, she said he had beat her up.

Anyway, he got charged with assaulting her, even though he claims he never did. Would you believe his story and give him a chance?


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  • It was years ago. Also, you don't have a reason to NOT believe him now. At least he is honest enough to confess this to you. So yeah, go ahead and give him a chance! :)


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  • How dark? Like Darth Vader dark?


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  • I would be cautious, but give him a chance. If he showed any signs of agressiveness or violence I'd run


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