Why did he do this?

I need to know why this guy friend zoned me or rejected me at least,

Okay so I am extremely close friends with this guy & I like him more than a friend and this guy just so happens to be my ex (my luck-.-) and well I told him that I liked him, & he said that he doesn't want to hurt me or upset me, because every time we date he hurts me, & he said that he doesn't want to hurt me in any way. And that he cares if he hurts me.

And he calls me his best friend, & that I am the one of the best friends anyone could ever have, & that he cares about me a lot. And that I am one of the coolest girls he has ever met and that he hopes we continue to stay friends in the future. And etc...

Is the reason that, I am too close of friends with him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • The problem isn't you, it's him. He feels as if he's let you down as a boyfriend, and it probably crushed his confidence. He doesn't want an ego blow like that again. A woman explicitly or implicitly blaming you for ills in a relationship really discourages a man from pursuit.

    That, or he's making excuses not to date you, so he can pursue other women.


What Girls Said 1

  • He is not interested in coming back to you.


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