How to know if your first date went well?

How to know if a first date went well? Me and this guy went on a date and the thing is we were supposed to go for the movies, but he didn't wanna go because it was busy, so we just walked and decided to get something to eat but that didn't happen because we decided we weren't hungry. So we saw a movie theatre that was not busy and we decided to go there but the movie didn't start till a hour later so till then we went to some pond where nobody was there and we were just talking a lot, like about past, future, present and while we were talking he was looking/staring at me a lot but then he said "thanks for going on a date with me, well not really a date just hangout" but at the same time he also hugged me a lot, kissed me, he said he liked kissing me and he wanted to "hangout" all night but we couldn't and when we said goodbye he kissed me and said "maybe we can hangout again" but I don't get it does he like me or not? And if he did then why would he call it a hangout? Also why would he kiss me, hug me, look at me the whole time if he only sees me as a friend


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  • He's a fucking idiot. You can do better


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  • I'm feeling like there's some red flags here.

    Hanging out and getting to know people is good. But does he see this as a casual thing? It sounds to me like he's more concerned with 'hanging out' than going on dates with you.

    in my opinion if the date didn't work out, I would have tried to reschedule the date. But he says you two will 'hang out again' possibly. So no date, but just hang out.

    It does sound like he just sees you as something casual. So I would be careful.

    Sometimes people kiss and hug because they want more to happen. By the sounds of it he has no problem possibly sleeping with you. But I don't think he is interested in a relationship.


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  • If he wants a second?


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  • He's probably uncertain of his feelings in regards to you. You can try asking him out next time. If he avoids the subject or he claims that he's too busy, then forget about it. He is not that into you.


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