Have not talked to her in awhile what should I do?

So my senior year of high school I got really close with this one girl we can call her Rachel. She sat behind me in class and we talked everyday and then texted occasionally (she wasn't great at replying). Things became so much fun with her and we eventually skipped class together once and awhile we both got an A in it so why not 😜! The last time I saw her in person was graduation that year ironically she was next to me for going on stage and right then when we were both walking on stage she gave me a huge hug in front of the audience! It was amazing. I then asked her if she would be my girlfriend and she awkwardly said no because I was a really good friend to her. So since we were going to separate colleges I haven't really talked to her since and it sucks so now since it is holiday break I am wondering should I ask her out or would it be weird?


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  • I don't think you should push it, if she was meant for you it would of happened. She just doesn't see you as "boyfriend". Maybe she's afraid of ruining what you guys have, also what if she's not ready. She just might need a friend, but you should totally hit her up she might have changed just don't be her in that weird position.


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