Why can't he just be straight up?

A guy that perused me last year online and came to see me at my home city where he got my info and I didn't peruse as I was dealing with parents divorce etc so not emotionally available.

I recognised him eventually several months later and messaged him online but he didn't reply back so I emailed him via his work address he was annoyed and I explained I hadn't recognised him last time and was going through a hard time so wasn't emotionally available to date.

I asked if he's single or has kids or if not to tell me so I know where I stand but he didn't reply back. I also asked him why he'd go to so much effort to find my address and see me at my home city and some other questions as he seemed eager. He left his personal email when he replied annoyed that time not to contact via work as it's for emergencies only as he's military.. but I messaged again via his personal email to say if he wants me or not and I would leave him alone. He still hasn't replied so why the mixed behavior and not tell me if he's single or not?


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  • He doesn't want to go out with u 😥😥😥 I'm sorry

    • That's not true since he's got his family to befriend me and get to know me.

    • Is he liked you, then he would e-mail you.

    • He's in the military and away lol. His mom came to see me and says he likes me :p

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