Need some dating help?

Im a good looking nice and well dressed guy in relatively popular at my high school can't manage to get a girlfriend tho what am I doing wrong?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I might need a bit more info, but, are you making it clear that you are available?
    Are you waiting to be asked out by girl?
    For me, personally, if I saw a good looking, presentable, well dressed guy

    • Sorry (stupid phone)... anyway... if I saw a good looking, popular guy, I would assume he was taken... so make sure the ladies know you're single.
      I usually hold back if I see a guy I like until I know he's available

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    • thanks and yeah I'm sure your right.

    • All the best!

  • You're probably considered too unattainable to some girls

    • Thanks but I'm getting turned down when I ask them out even when we flirt a ton

What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe the girls in your high school have ridiculously high standards, and probably won't consider anyone unless he looks like Bard Pitt or Tom Cruise.


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