Came on strong then backed away. What is going on?

So for a solid week, I talked to this guy every single day. He's very anti-text and he made a real effort and texted with me. He came to hang out at my house twice, both times staying for quite a while and we got into some really personal talk. He's a pretty private person so I was flattered that he trusted me that much. He also came and visited me at work, twice, once sticking around til I got off. Nothing has happened, just a little snuggling, not even a kiss. Then very suddenly, he acted strange while we were both with friends together (not a date, a group thing) and for the first time today I got no communication at all. I have not texted him. I know I got a bad vibe the last time we were together and I'm not sure if this is a sign he's decided he's not interested or if I should just wait for him to call or text... should I just chalk it up to a false start? Guys, help me out here. He seemed to want to spend all his time with me and then suddenly didn't.
I do want to add, I really like this guy and don't mind giving him space but if he's not interested, I want to cut my losses now before I get overly attached
Well, I gave in and texted him merry Christmas. Next thing I knew, he showed up at my work and stayed all afternoon. I'm not quite sure what to think.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He doesn't think you're interested in him so he was backing off.

    • I don't see how that could be true. I made a special effort to make time for him and talk to him. He knows I am interested.

What Girls Said 1

  • Happened 2 me 2. Just follow his lead, if he is interested he will talk with u

    • Did he ever call you? How long did it take?

    • Maybe he was just leading u on 😰😰. That sucks. In my situation hey never texted me again 😕

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