I saw on my boyfriend's phone he has an OKCupid account and he's recently talked to girls. We've been dating for 18 months. How do I approach this?


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  • Listen to me frankly speaking guys like that don't change!. If you are truly convinced that he dated other women then he will never change. First of all before coming to conclusions get more information regarding the issue. Then you approach him directly and don't be serious and ask him why he has that account in a funny way, in a happy mood. See his reply, then relate his answer to the information/data you have. You ll understand if he is lying or telling you the truth. If he frankly tells you he has been dating others then ask him why he did so.. If he lies then slowly cut him off! immediate dumping can cause problems.. so you should take care of yourself, do not express any of your reactions there... Slowly cut him off and move on!


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  • Confront him, if you don't get a reasonable response walk away. He's treating you like an option. It's disrespectful to you. I dated a guy and he was chatting to girls via he promised to deactivate it. Later on I discovered he was lying.

    Why be someone's other when you can be someone else's only. Life is too short to spend it with someone who doesn't treat you like the only one for him 💗


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