We had a talk and I expressed my concerns about us. Does it mean anything if he now genuinely tries to be better?

My boyfriend and I recently had a talk about our relationship. I had concerns about us because he almost seemed disinterested from how he was acting. I voiced these concerns and we talked about us and our feelings. We are exclusively dating, but he's not ready to be bf/gf, so we had been in a weird place for some time now.

He apologized for his behavior and we talked about how its important, especially in a long distance relationship, to show me how he feels sometime, whether he texts me goodnight and adds a kissy emoticon, or just texts me because he's thinking about me.

Since the talk, he's been better about showing that he has feelings for me, which is a plus, and it puts me at ease.

Is this a sign that he genuinely cares about making me happy? Do you think he's just being nice? Or do you think it's because he does see a future with me?


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  • Yes, this is a sign that he cares. As the other answerers have stated, why would you NOT think its a good sign?

    • I think it's a good sign, but like another user said, it could be temporary. There are many good signs that I have seen, and now that he and I have a better understanding of how we feel about each other, things have been better. Let's hope it's smooth sailing here on out.

    • Relationships are always awkward to be honest. They're rarely smooth sailing, as you're integrating someone else into your life, whom you don't REALLY know with the expectation of maintaining daily contact. I mean even with my best friends that's hard to keep up. It's a lot of effort and work.

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  • Well done, this is called communication, and u did it well. U had a concern, voiced it, and he loves u so much that he responded accordingly. Keep it up 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • I don't know if it's that he loves me, but that he cares enough about me to fix what is wrong.

      I would hope that one day he feels love for me, but I am also scared that maybe he won't. That he won't love me like he loved his ex. I've met his ex. In fact, his ex cheated on him with my boyfriend at the time. So we have both been burned by the same people. But they only dated for like 6-7 months, and I could tell how much he cared for her. And, yes, while she is an ex for a reason, it's still scary.

      But I am still scared that he won't ever love me, because we are taking things very very very slow, and he has already told me that he is not ready for a full blown commitment. In the 6-7 months that he dated his ex, they were already living together by that point.

      I need to value myself more, I know this. It's frustrating because I guess I feel that both him and my ex are willing to put more effort for this whore bag, but I am not even worth being called a "girlfriend". Just venting.

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    • Thank you so much!

    • no worries!
      thanks for mh xx and best of luck to u guys.

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  • If that isn't a good sign what would you consider a good sign? Yes I think he really cares.

    • Haha, that's true. I do think it's a good sign. Hopefully he continues to show how he feels!

  • i think its a good sign. i think he does genuinely care, but there is always a possibility of someone just doing that to get laid at night. But if it is long distance as u said then i dont see why he would lead u on.

    • Yeah, we have a semi long distance relationship, so we see each other either once a week or once every other week.

      When we had the talk, I gave him the option to walk away since he's not ready for bf/gf, but I am. He didn't want out, so that's also a good sign.

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  • I think he's going to behave like that for a week then stop. If he's not ready for the title then he doesn't really want what you have.

    • Thanks for your input 😊. Right now, we are just in different levels. I have my life together, which he thinks is special and easily attractive, but he's still working on his life and maybe feels inadequate that he can't support me completely. We've talked about the whole "he's not ready" thing, and it genuinely feels like he just had too much on his plate right now to devote 100% of his attention on me.

      On a side note, I hope he doesn't just do it for a week and then stop!

    • I hope for your sake he comes around. Men are funny creatures at times.

  • I think he really cares or else he wouldn't try to change to make you happy.

  • Well I think he does quite care since he apologized and actually thought about your feelings x


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