Girls, do you hate nerds?

I feel being an Indian nerd in USA is a curse. I work out ( to attract women), but have not lost weigh (160 lbs). I am a college student and have been a virgin in my first quarter of college and have not kissed a girl or have had a girlfriend (ever).

I go after studious girls who also socialize and party (most of them happen to be White girls or Asian). neither want to date Indian men, and the latter want Asian or white men. even Indian women don't (and my uni doesn't have many Indian women). the ones that are there are fobs who speak Hindi, which I cannot.

should I just lie about my race? I do hate my culture and parents intensely. I've been confident, very social, and still have yet to get a girlfriend or have sex.


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  • I don't hate nerds, however I don't understand how your question title is related to the rest of your question.


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