I love this guy an he asks me out a few times but I keep saying no because im insecur?

m 185lbs.. 5'3 im not ugly but not pretty.. i got pretty qualities but i got things about me thats ugly.. my soul is beautiful tho.. ismile a lot an laugh all the time.. buttttttt this guy is a mma fight.. has ABS cute as hell.. very sexy.. I've been seeing him off and on since April 2015.. but even tho he THINKS he like me.. and has asked me out about 5 times since April.. i continue to just tell him im scared an he drops it.. he's been dating other girls.. he's ignored me for a few months at a time before.. even after he told me if i didn have no where to stay i could live with him.. but i feel like im not good enough for him.. i feel like if i say yes.. he's gonna regret it... he's gonna find a girl he really likes and im gonna be a burden to him.. like "damn she's a good girl but not skinny enough.. not pretty enough" if he find another girl that ugly but is skinny.. IM GONE! history.. there's no way he's gonna really stick around i just dont see how he would want too.. so my question is..

my plan is to go there and tell him that the reason why I've always told him no to being his girlfriend my plan is to stand up infront of him and tell him to look at me really look at me.. i wanna tell him that the only beautiful thing about me is my smile and the little beauty mark under my nose.. but thats it this is me!! i wanna spin around and tell him to take a good look.. before he goes any further i wanna tell him i almost wanna turn u off now so that i dont have to lose him later on
1h because later on he's gonna regret it.. what would u do if a guy or girl said this to you? would u find them more beautiful? or really be honest with the person and yourself like yeah.. she's or he is not for me.. and maybe i should make the right decision and not ask her or him to be mine.. ? what do u think or how would u feel if someone put themself on blast before you got to hurt them in the future? pls help me!! please!!


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  • Deppends on the person. For me, looks are essential. Last year I dated a girl that I didn't find physically attractive but I liked spending time with her. Eventually I couldn't bear it anymore and had to end things with her. But there are different kinds of guys. Maybe he loves your personality and doesn't find you unattractive. Plus, if you have a lovely face your body can be worked on.

    If I were you, I'd work on my self confidence before asking him that, because nothing good can come from that question. The way you put it, either he settles for you or he crushes your self esteem. You don't deserve someone that settles for you, you deserve someone that appreciates what you have.

    • thats how i feel.. i really feel like he will be settleing if he chooses me.. i told him to pick the other girl cuz he deserves better.. it is what it is..

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  • If he likes u, and I mean REALLY likes u, he will ask u out


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