Did I push him away by not waiting around, or gain his respect and might het him to choose me?

I've been seeing a guy for a few weeks. We met on tinder. We have great chemistry and share so many hobbies and interests. Im in love. Now he admitted to also seeing another girl from tinder. They met before me and shared the bed. He has a deeper connection with her probably cause they already had sex and he just really likes her as well. Now he doesn't know what to do. We decided to have no contact for a few days so he can figure stuff out for himself. But I broke that rule by texting him I can't wait around in a situation where there's another girl involved cause i want to respect my standards and if he is ready to date he can Let me know and I will see where im at, But I just can't wait. Did I push him away further or did I gain his respect? I want things to work with him. Do I show patience or do I back off? Its hard thinking rationally when you're in love...


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  • Hard to tell, but here's a question. Why exactly should he commit to you especially at this stage of your relationship? Like what's so unique about you that you bringing to the table that should make him pick you over another girl that he likes but actually having sex with?


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  • You're not going to like what I have to say, but I think you're clearly wasting your time with the particular dude. Friendly advise: Find someone who is more available than he is.


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  • You definitely didn't gain his respect.

    • I felt that showing him im not a person to put on stand by might get me more respect than telling him ok I will wait for you

    • What you felt sadly doesn't matter. You didn't gain respect.

  • No impact.

    He's gotta pick.

    I assume he believes things would pick up physically fast if you two were monogamous?

    • I dont know. He told me he doesn't want to he the person who dates more girls so I guess he does want to be monagomous. He just doesn't know who he wants it with maybe

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