Don't want to mess things up again?

After a couple of weeks apart my boyfriend and I made up last night... He keep apologizing about taking so long to figure things out... he also said that he was sorry if he made me feel anything but beautiful... I know it all sounds great but one thing he was a little drunk... all night he keep telling me how much he loved me and how much he wanted to be with me... This morning when he was leaving he was very loving giving me kisses and tell me how beautiful I was... so I guess your wondering what wrong... I texted him on my way to work "I'm so happy that you are in my life. Thank you for a amazing night. So excited to make memories with you.. I love you" he responded " Oh Lordy, now you're scaring me (LOL)... I responded "Don't be scared it will be life changing experince with me I promise".. he didn't respond... am I reading way to much into this or is he playing me... I don't want to mess thing up and push him away again but I want to know if we are together... the weekend is coming up and I want to spend it with him but don't want to push him by asking... so please help...


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  • I assume that he is near your age. He is old enough to know what he wants and should not have a problem with declaring his intentions.


    1. Never believe what a guy says when he is intoxicated

    2. Never believe what a guy says when he is not wearing his pants.

    Don't bug him about the weekend. If he wants a relationship, he doesn't need an invitation to spend it with you, does he? If he chooses to spend the weekend elsewhere, he is telling you what you need to know about his level of commitment to your relationship.

    I hope your holidays are happy and that you get the resolution that you need for this situation.

    • Yes is is 50 years old... thanks for your opinion it really means a lot for me to hear from a male on this subject... also... should I wait for him to contact me... I don't want to be pushy... I really like this guy he's treats me like a queen...

    • Yes, wait to hear from him. You will know how he feels about you because of the way that he treats you, not because of the words that he says. You want to see how he acts when he is not getting reminders or being "bugged" about something.

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  • I r bring a little... wifey. Try to be more chill 😉😉


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