Do I get in contact with him?

So long story short, I was dating a guy for 5 months, I called it off for my own reasons and scared of falling in love and letting someone in. 3 months down the line we argue and then have a lovely conversation, and that's always on repeat, which shows there's still something there between us, we went on a staff party the other night and we went outside to speak as things were getting intense, we spoke about a lot of things and then he kisses me... Then he tells me he's fallen in love with me, which was a surprised as he never would speak about his feelings. The next day he's very distant with me and I've heard nothing again today.. Do I give him or text him saying 'your very distant after speak about everything' way should I do? if I should text something better let me know. Thanks you the advice
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  • Forget this waiting rubbish, waiting for someone else to make the first move is ridiculous..! The 24hours In between was more than enough time, now it's time to jump on it, ignore these fools who say no...

    Take it from someone who's experienced enough in age and life was made more than his fair share of mistakes, I waited too long for the girl I was with for 10 years, we fell apart, I waited and waited 6 years, never said enough never did what I should've have and now someone else has stepped in... 7 years on and I burn, I burn so much it's not fair. She said why didn't I say something..!
    Do it, just go say something because at least you'll know if it's worth getting involved again!!!

    • Okay I'll take your advice but what do I say? I'm so nervous

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    • There's a possibility of two things..

      1st, thinking what to say, how to say, not all men or women can easily just put thoughts together and come up with a response.
      You should've done it in person, texts are not a good thing as they're always taken out of context.

      2nd. At the time he made this statement he may have been feeling something else, maybe it was a rash comment, may have felt he was losing something even being scared.

      You need to meet, in person is the only way, there's no other influence interrupting...

      Keep me updated.

    • There's a quote a once read,
      "Don't tell me you Love me,
      Because I may do something crazy and believe you"...

      Something to remember...

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  • If he doesn't care about you enough to call you, then he doesn't want to date u


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  • Don't tell him he is distant. Tell him how YOU feel. The reason he is silent is because he just put himself in a very vulnerable position for you and wants to see how you will react and what you have to say.

  • I think he feels stupid saying what he said to someone who broke his heart and didn't say anything back after he opened up huge like that. I would give him time.

    • I told him I was In love as well

  • If you feel the same way and are willing to admit it and be open to it then contact him because it sounds like he's scared and feels like a fool


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