Was he lying to me?

Okay so, I am pretty close friends with my ex boyfriend, and I have dated him twice.

And I do still have feelings for him and I decided to tell him that I have feelings for him, and he didn't really say anything back I mean he was still talking to me but he changed the subject. And then I asked him how he felt, and he said that he feels for me as more of a friend.

And then he said that, he doesn't want to upset me & that every time we date he hurts me in some way and he feels bad, and that he doesn't want to ever hurt me in any way. Right after he told me how he felt.

And then I said I don't care about getting hurt.

And he said he cares about hurting me, because I am one of the best friends that he has ever had in his life. And that I am a awesome person. And that he cares about me a lot and that he respects me. And that I am his best friend.

Do do you think he was lying about why he rejected me?
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  • I don't think he was lying. He doesn't want to hurt you.


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