How do I know if he really likes me?

We have gone out on several dates and he tells me he likes me and i feel like our dates are great but whenever we are not together he takes forever to text me back is he just stringing me along until he finds something better or does him taking forever not mean anything and he is just busy.


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  • Ask him.. if you have been with him for more than 4-5 dates ask him. Why is he taking so long to reply. Be upfront. Are you guys close to each other?

    • Well we have been on 8 dates and he lives like 2 hours away from where I live. When we first started talking he told me how he was just a bad texter because he forgets to text back and it doesn't really bother me that he takes forever to text back but I guess I just want a guys perspective on whether it is a big deal or not especially since we have gone on 8 dates. I also feel bad bringing it up since he did tell me that he takes forever to text back. Like should this even be something i should be bothered by?

    • Well this is my same situation, I am seeing a girl and she lives 2 hours away from my place and she is the same. she'll text me probably 6 hours late or probably the next day. But when we Skype we talk for like 2-3 hours. Some people don't like the idea of texting. They are more into real life kind of stuff like seeing each other in person. Neither do I love texting. Sometimes I'll reply her 6 hours late or may be sometimes real quick. We all are busy. But you talk to him. Next time you are out on a date with him ask him. If you are willing to get serious with him, let him know your concerns. Don't be too worried about it. sometimes when you are heart broken from your past it's hard to trust someone. But you guys have been out for like 8 dates that should bring a little closeness. Some people are bad texters to be honest. Don't be bothered by it. Just talk to him or Skype him and see how he reacts.

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  • Maybe he is just busy


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