I haven't got a girlfriend yet, why?

anyway before you make assumptions and think I'm a nerdy ugly fat person or something like that , ill tell you who I am.

I'm your average 16 year old I've had sex , I've 'experimented' if you get me, I'm not sure if talking about drugs is allowed on this site haha.

I consider myself above average in looks , not amazingly good looking but pretty good in the looks department

I've had a lot of girls liking me in the past 2 years which is when I actually started to care about getting a relationship

but anyway I've had a few flings that lasted a while with people and they never end up in relationships but I think that's because I go for whores and I can't help it...

I've had the most nicest genuine girls like me and I kick myself thinking at the opportunities I missed out on.

so yeah is there any sort of reason as to why I haven't had a single girlfriend :\ if you count one in like grade 8 it lasted a day haha.

I haven't got a girlfriend yet, why?
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