Boy did he open up, now what?

I appreciate honesty and so I'm not mad about anything he told me last night. He admitted that this older woman who's always around him and acts like his wife, he said -

"We aren't involved but she feels attached. She's been good to me, very helpful, and I don't want to hurt her feelings. So if we all go out together, just don't tell her that I'm with you."

To fill in some missing details, this lady is easily ten years older than him and also me. I believe that she may have financially backed a venture of his. She's older, divorced, adult daugther left the nest, etc., and maybe she thought $$$ would buy her a younger man - like a Sugar Momma situation.

But that said, I don't know how to take this like I'm being asked to play mistress to a man who isn't married, lol, and I know they aren't married but in other words I have to hide it that we're dating so she won't be hurt.

I'm not sure how to handle this and I'm just thinking it all over. I'm not sure that I can be okay with this because three's a crowd and if we're gonna have to play this game to appease her, not sure we can be happy like this.


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  • Maybe you could just go along with it... for now, but he can't keep you a secret forever. Talk to him & he needs to talk to her real soon before it gets complicated.

    • Well really for whatever reason, if he's not happy with her then the best thing even for her sake is for him to be honest with her. Like I said, I didn't get mad or upset, just thinking this all over for a bit.

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    • A real shame people have to be so tricky and create drama. All I want is a guy in my life to be good to, not all this nonsense.

    • I know the feeling pfffft. Take it easy im sure itll be fine ;-)

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  • Tell ur boyfriend that ur not cool with being a fake girlfriend


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