So I got his number, now what?

OK so I just got this guy's number today and I'm confused and surprised because he is from Vietnam and I'm African American and white so I feel like it's rare for Asian men to be interested in women of my racial background so I'm not sure if he was being nice by giving me his number and he texted me today so I'm not sure how to go about this
On so I responded to his text message yesterday
If I text him back today on Christmas eve will that make me look desperate?


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  • He obviously likes you, just text him!

    • He texted me yesterday and I responded back but it's Christmas eve and he has not replied to my text. Maybe he is busy

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    • 2 days still no response. I neve asked him to hang out. Could that be a reason why he did not respond? I don't know what to do.

    • He wants to hang out

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  • Now you call him! Ask for a date!

    • Omg no lol. It's just it's so weird I mean dating between my race and his race is extremely rare. Plus I already responded to his text
      I'm just waiting for him to text back but it's Christmas eve so I don't expect him to respond

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    • He has roommates but are you suggesting I should ask him to hang out at his place if he contacts Me again about hanging out?

    • or at a park or something and make something homemade!

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  • He could want a booty call... Very common. Take it slow i guess

    • I just met the guy last week. What do you mean by take it slow? I'm going as slow as I can lol

  • Make a booty call

    • I'm not looking for sex

    • I enjoy sex but I'm looking to only have sex in a relationship

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  • You can try texting him.

    • I already did. I told him I hope to meet him again

    • What did he say?

    • He did not respond. He texted me yesterday I was just responding to his text

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