How can I become the template ideal guy that women will like?

I feel like I'll be more confident if I have the appearance and carry myself like the ideal guy most women will like. I'll still enjoy the activities I do just change the way I look and carry myself. What things would majority of women respond to?


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  • The right woman would respond to you being YOURSELF. But get yourself out there...

    Approach women confidently, with the goal of having a friendly, funny, casual conversation, or maybe a short verbal exchange. Find something to complain about, or comment about what everyone is thinking. If you've been waiting around for 20 min start a conversation about that. Then say something funny. Ask a question. Repeat. - If you're standing in line at the movies tap her on the shoulder - Ask her what she's gonna watch. Bla bla. just ask a bunch of questions. what should u watch? say something funny or unexpectedly honest. If she laughs and replies, then you've achieved your goal. Stop turning every random beautiful woman into your next wife target. Just focus on having a fun conversation and you'll feel less pressured. Avoid talking about her appearance or anything too flirty the first time around or she'll get scared. If things go well, you can exchange facebook or email, if not your dignity is still intact cus you didn't try to hook up with her and get rejected. You can't be rejected if you don't make an offer. If things seem really great, offer your number on a small note and tell her to text you her number. That way she can back out of it gracefully but still reach you if she's interested. There are a few girls that will approach guys, like me, but most don't. If you catch a girl looking at you, and she looks down towards the floor immediately (not sweeping horizontally across or slightly up) as soon as you catch her, she might be interested in talking but too shy. Go over and engage her. Say 'what you eating? that looks good. I think imma order that next time.' Then just ask casual questions to keep the flow going. Most girls will talk if you give them the chance. If a girl is by herself and giggling a lot, its a sign she's nervous and likes the attention. If she's with others, be careful they aren't making fun of you, stick to approaching loner girls for now. When you order your food, sit close enough that you can still engage her. You can even offer her to sit with you if she likes. Once you get used to successfully starting conversations with random strangers you will feel more confident. This inner feeling will project out and make you more attractive. Nobody will know what an awesome guy you are if you can't approach girls, have great conversation and project confidence. Nothing more attractive than someone who doesn't care whether you like them or not.


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