How can I get my ex back?

We broke up 2 months ago, she ended it after 8 months cuz she said the feelings just went away and she also told me i was being a bit clingy, we still talk and hang out once a week or so and we have some really happy conversations, i really feel like we are meant for each other i know that, probably comes off as clingy but im meaning it as in she really enjoys having me around when she can have me around and same for me :) we both seem happier around one another cuz through texts she is always dreading everything and then everytime we hang out we have fun and go out to eat at the mall and such! I just want her to be able to tell me how she feels and for us to be open about that kinda stuff i want to bring it up and dont know how or when i should I've brought it up before and all she will say is she doesn't have those feelings anymore i want to know first off if she is lying to keep from hurting me? Or if she is seeing someone else, or if there is anything i can do to make her feel that way about me?


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  • just express her.. how much she is important and what she means in your life... surprise her.. and make her remember those day u spent with her!!!

    • How do i do so without coming off as clingy is the real thing i need answered?

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    • What do i say im at a loss of words, she is truly amazing and makes me the happiest man alive just to sit with and watch a movie or just talk at timmies or anything at all with her even our mini arguments make me smile cuz i know we are emotionally connecting by arguing about little things

    • so let her feel this thing.. plan smthing for her.. and let her knw this.. what u feel for her. b heart..

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  • Please, don't try. You can't get her back.

    • Why does everyone think just cuz we broke up once that its not possible to get back together and things to be even better than they used to be, have people not heard of get past the hard part and all is amazing

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