Why is it not acceptable for a girl to be desperate but guys can be as desperate as we want?

When someone calls a girl "desperate" they mean it as an insult and as such not wanting to be desperate alters the way a lot of girls go about relationships, however its perfectly okay for guys to be desperate. I know a ton of guys who will sleep with just about any girl that looks at them, who will do just about anything for sex, if that isn't desperate then I dont know what is, and yet that isn't nearly as bad as a girl seeming to interested in a guy. Whats the deal, why the double standard?


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  • 'Cause of the cultural idea that women aren't supposed to enjoy sex and shouldn't chase men. Which is tied to the idea that sex is dirty, and women are supposed to be 'pure' while men aren't :/ . It's all patriarchal bullshit


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  • Men or Women, gender doesn't matter. Desperation is an unattractive quality, it is a total turn off.