How do I tell this girl that I'm no longer interested?

So there's this girl who I'm "dating". First we agreed that we are dating and can't see other people, and later we decided that we are casually dating, and we can see other people. Not really sure if its dating if were seeing other people... but anyway, needless to say there has been confusion. There has been a lot of comunication problems, she has been hot and cold on me, and sometimes she does stuff that seems downright disrepectful. So I'm feeling like I'm not that interested in "dating" anymore. The question is, do I need to talk to her and explicitly say that I don't want to date, or do I just let it go? Again this is causal dating in high school. We go on "dates" sometimes but nothing really romantic or anthing. I'm also interested in this other girl, I wanted to go with her to see a movie... but I can't decide if that would be a bad idea right now.

Thank you,

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  • You're not married and don't have kids. It's good to date and experiment especially while you're young so you know later on what you are looking for in a partner. Think of it as a game lol just don't break hearts ! And please use a condom for the love of yeezus !!

    • @Apriscila haha okay I will lol. So you think its okay to go on a date with someone else at this point?

    • Yeah cause your only 17 right? Your like still opening your eyes into this weird world of dating and relationships. I'd say do it but of course let her know it's just not what you want.

    • Thanks for mho and merry Christmas ! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  • you were never dating first of to make a elationship work you need to be in one secondly you need self value which neither of you have these are the reasons why ou lost interests

    i advice you to speak with her and tell her you want to start over if she is willing and go on dates for two months and if you to get along and enjoy each other company as her to be your girlfriend that means its two relationshp not a 4

    • you were never in a relationship to make a relationship work you need to be in one
      secondly you need self value which neither of you have these are the reasons why you lost interest

    • @nileve So if I don't want to try again with her, are you saying I should talk to her about it?

    • no i am telling you why you lost interest if you dont want to give yourself an other chance the most apperciated and polite way to end it is by person and giving her your reason for ending what was never there

  • just find a substitute of yourself for her and everything will be OK

  • Be completey honest


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