Is he flirting/does he want to date me?

Ok so I was trying to schedule a hangout with a guy I don't really know well/just started talking to. And he said he likes to do spontaneous stuff. Then I asked him if he likes this town center (where it's all Christmasy and there are restaurants and ice skating). Then he replied later saying

"Hahah girl I have no idea honestly. It sounds like you're trying to have me take you out on a date tho"

I thought that this means he's not actually interested so I denied it and said I don't really know him so I just wanted to meet him in person to get to know him better. BUT EVERYONE is saying by him escalating it to being a date, he wants me to admit that I want him to take me out and that he was flirting? I don't know what to think anymore.
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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, I would he was being flirty, at least to some extent.


What Girls Said 1

  • Not that he's flirting or not flirting, you should of responded. Well why not? Or 'what if thats the case? Something to catch him

    • I'm really inexperienced I really wish I said something like that. Ugh. Maybe the convo will lead to it more I don't know. does it sound like he was interested by saying that though?

    • Is because guys are different, some will mean it and some just will play. You don't have to experienced just be in the game. Be catchy, don't get mad easily nor wait on him to bring it up, be like Heyy, I'm on this big debate whether to stay in o go out and about and ask him what are your plans for today and lets say his going to the movies are to park or whatever be like Sounds like fun, are you taking me?

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