How to keep women interested?

Alright so, recently in the last few months my game went up a lot. I've had more dates and sex in this last year then my whole life put together. Theirs this one girl I'm with. I'd say 9/10 with a killer personality. A lot of guys try to get with her. I probably sound arrogant. But she thinks I'm a hottie. But I'm worried that she only likes me for my looks. I'm not like most men and one night stands. I do get sex. But I want a real relationship. How do I keep a girl or this girl attracted to me emotionally and not just physically? I have a lot to offer. Women just assume I'm a player and don't try to get serious I've been told several times by different women... Also. I know most men on here are rolling their eyes. But I'm looking for something more then sex.


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  • Share your future plans, what, where, why, when and how. Show her you care about her by listening to what she says and doing something about it. Be responsible and do what you will. Have fun together.


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  • Try to be interesting and not desperate. Make her feel important.


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  • honestly if you have to try hard to keep a girl entertained/interested then blech..

    if you find a girl who is totally fucking into you just by being yourself, and you find yourself attracted to her as well, then thats a match.

    • Lol exactly what he said cause trying to be interesting is worse than uninteresting. Just be yourself, if she likes you for you then she will stay, otherwise pretending to be someone else will get exhausting real quick.
      be at ease in your own skin ;)

  • It's not great advice but have something interesting going on


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