Is his roommate considered "hands off" if he and I didn't work out? Or can I go in for the kill?

We go to a smallish college. We have mixed dorms, and there is this guy who I saw a lot and introduced myself to. It's been a couple of months since, and it hasn't progressed much at all. I know he isn't experienced with girls but I mean, it's been so on/off with him that I'm tired of it. He shows me signs, then retracts, then shows me signs, retracts... For example, asking me to dinner then not following through; acting distant or weird. We never moved past friendly acquaintances, like we never stated if we liked each other or anything but we only hung out like 2 times. & then he started ignoring me.. Or just acting colder.

Anyways, I've seen his roommate a few times (never spoken) but I just SEE in his eyes how much he is attracted to me. The first time he saw me he double took me, and since he was with his roommate (the dude I liked) I talked to the guy I liked for a bit, then afterwards I left but hung around the corner and heard him ask him what my name was. This happened again a couple weeks later, he asked him what my name was again. I left before hearing if anything else was said. He tries to act like he doesn't notice me when we are up close walking by each other, but from a far our eyes lock and I just know he is really attracted to me. From far distance he notices is me. Maybe I just like seeing how much he desires me, but I'm kinda liking him... Would be it tacky and slutty to go after him now? You don't think it's my subconscious trying to put a dig in ththe guy who went cold on me, is it?


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