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So, my crush and I have been planning on having a sleepover kind of thing at my house because I really wanted to show him how my house looks now that it is finished and what an amazing view one has of the stars. Anyway, he is a really spontaneous person and so the idea popped into my mind of calling him on the day I want him to be there and say: no excuses, pack your stuff, you're coming with me to my house tonight. And then I fetch him later and take him to my new house?
what do you think? Too much?


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  • No, it's not too much. It's fine, I can see your assertiveness and I am sure men appreciate that, but I would suggest you should give him a chance to speak, the final decision to take him to your house or not can be yours.

    • Thanks! Makes sense :)

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  • Yea too much. You should run/practice your plan first. Err uhmm... I can help with that... giggity.

    • Haha! Why is it too much?

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