Am I just too damaged to be loved?

Im almost 22. My only boyfriend dumped me 2 months ago and I still can't get over it. I cry myself to sleep every night still. I thought it would last forever. I feel like maybe I'm too broken to be loved. Growing up I was always bullied and beat up in school. I never had any friends. My one "best friend" after I graduated we were friends for a year and a half and she turned on me. So that kinda hurt. Then I met my ex a few months later. He promised me he'd never leave me. Then 5 days before our year anniversary he dumps me After telling me a day before not to let anything come between us he doesn't wanna lose me. Then he did. I've been hurt so many times and lied to so many times now. How does a loser like me ever find love? I had a few guy friends when he was around but those were mutual friends. Now that he's gone I have no guy friends. And I'm so shy. I mean considering I've never dated anyone before him and I'm 22 that must be pretty lame. I know almost all my school had plenty of bfs before they even graduated. If it took me this long to find one boyfriend. How the hell am I suppose to find another one? :( I feel hopeless


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  • Take a deep breath and calm down. I was in a similar situation to yourself a while back. I graduated and only had one friend and he would always disappear for long periods of time. Finally meet a girl and we dated for close to two years. We even talked about marriage and I started looking at engagement rings. Then one day she got a job that made it hard for her to make time for us. Almost immediately she told me things weren't going to work out and that she fell in love with a guy she worked with. My whole world seemed to end and I let it destroy my life for almost a year but you know what? One day I woke up and I told myself I am not going to let this bother me and I am going to meet new people and I will be happy again. And sure enough I am, I found someone new and it was like the pain was gone. Best of luck to you.


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  • There is no such thing as "too damaged". You will eventually heal. Misfortunes happen to everyone. In a year or so whatever happened won't even matter, I promise. As for getting a boyfriend, be patient. You will eventually find one. You're still young and there's still a lot of time ahead of you.


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  • If it makes you feel better I've never had a boyfriend before and it's not what life's all about

  • You sound like you love to feel bad for yourself. "Oh no I'm 21 but emotionally damaged forever" really? Grow up. Relationships won't always last and people do get dumped, why are you acting like somebody just murderd your whole family? Stop being such a whiny cry baby and put on your big girl panties and learn how to deal with LIFE. You had ONE boyfriend. Get a grip. How weak are you?

    • Maybe if you went through what I did. Getting beat up every single day by people in school. Not having any friends. People using you. Your dad hating you and can't stand seeing you. And being raped multiple times. Maybe you'd understand. So stfu and stop judging people before you know there story

    • Whah whah whah, continue to feel bad for yourself little girl and you'll never be happy. Who told you to get beat up? Why didn't you stand up for yourself and fight back? Blame yourself.

    • Your an asshole I hope a creep rapes you

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