I'm a man who's currently dating an older woman in her early 30s, should I feel weirded out of her obssession of treating me like her child?

I'm guy who's almost in my mid 20s (age) and am currently in a relationship with a beautiful older woman and for some odd reason, she has this obssession of mothering me, which is kinda creeping me out. She'd always calls me every night to ask where I was at when she knows well I'm either working or at my friend's house and she seems to be too overprotective of me from other girls who looks like they'd hit on me. She worries way too much about me (Don't get me wrong, I love it when a woman shows concerns for my well being but not to the point where I either get treated like a baby or emasculated boy).

I don't know if she's doing this because she's truly protective of me or because she must secretly have a s3xual f3tish of her mothering me.
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  • You feel how you feel. Nothing can change that. Clearly it bothers you and if you want to continue this relationship, you need to relate to her that it makes you feel uneasy when she "mothers" you that way due to the fact that you're dating.

    • I think it's because of the fact that I'm nearly 10 year younger than her, which gives her the excuse to be overprotective of me and treat me like a child, is the reason why she's like this toward me.

    • That doesn't change the fact that you're uneasy. If you don't like it, communicate with her.

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  • SHOULD you feel weird? You should just feel how you feel, if it doesn't weird you out then you shouldn't force yourself to feel weird just because you THINK you SHOULD feel weird.

  • she will never think of you like a man, she will always treat you like a child

  • I don't know but it sounds weird to me. That is like if I dated an older man that treated me like a little girl; I would run. I would definitely ask her about it or address it with her. It could be a fetish or perhaps she doesn't know that she is doing it and will stop for you.

  • I find it extremely odd you think it's a "fetish"

    Maybe she cares, in her own way...


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