Nice person syndrome?

Ok weve all read the "im a nice guy/girl" rants but here's the truth, the brutal truth

"Nobodys nice!"

Yes its true you may be a good listener and ready to help people yeah that kind of nice is in everyone but come on guys when was the last time you "went after" an obese woman? Ladies when was the last time you said "fat AND broke OH damn i got to have him!"
Look yeah i get it noone wants a person like that but noone wants that super clingy needy person either and although you may not think you are needy or clingy you really are! Everyone is, we all want to be loved thats why we get in relationships, but your perception of what good people and jerks are is waaay off base! Sorry guys that super hot skinny blonde isn't going to jump at the chance to date you when you are 30 pounds overweight and play call of duty all day in your moms basement shell probably go for the outgoing guy who worksout has a good job and a good car. Sorry ladies but the rom-coms are lying to you no guy who is well dressed well mannerd has money wants a lazy frumpy looking woman who has emotional issues about past boyfriends oh and just like you, guys aren't screaming for overweight women.

she's A BITCH!!! no she's not a bitch she just doesn't like you bruh! You dont meet whatever standards she's looking for.

he's AN ASSHOLE!!! no he's not an asshole he's just not going to kiss your ass and let you have your way all the time.

Things have gotten waaaaay to media based we let the media dictate what kind of person we date and what they look like.


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  • Your judge mental