Can you continue date someone who admit that he/she still has feeling to his/her ex? and they are still contacting?

Though he told me that he would cut off from her, I really don't know if i can continue with him, they have long history and still contact very often. She recently came to my country for holidays and they meet very often. However, he said he likes me and will leave her. What should I do?

  • Yes, I will wait to see what happen
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  • Of course no , I have to give her a space


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  • if they are friends and i know it, it won't bother me. it's his life, he chooses what he wants to do or what makes him happy but deep down, i honestly would just get all the knives i can get and just stab her bcs she left him and broke his heart (: you should spend more time with him and forget the girl. not worth to think about it. show him that you really are the one for him and that you love him more than anybody else/her.

    • They are friends but still in love I guess.
      They care about each other.
      Since she's back, he spent a lot time with her. I do want to spend time with me but that just not only me can decide. :(

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    • well i dont think he's the one for you. both of you are not dating so i dont think it's wrong for you to talk to other guys and i think thats what you should do.

    • Hi thank you so much. Yeah i've completely moved on! I deserve a better guy who knows i am good. I wish you all the best and Merry Christmas!!!:)))

  • If he can't commit to you and is still in contact with the other girl; I would leave him and find a man that can love and appreciate you.

    • He said he would choose me and cut of from his ex. But I really dont know if I can trust him because there's no non-verbal action. Though I know I might have to wait for a while, I just can't bear with it now:(

    • I would just wait and see what happens. If he doesn't seem like he is doing what he says, I would rethink things. If he sticks to his word I would work it out. :)

    • He told me want to continue with me but the next day he texted me only once and I found that girl went to his place again...
      I asked him, he said he hasn't said that he won't meet her anymore. They didn't do anything and what he told me is true.
      How can I trust him? He just makes me feel that trusting him is stupid...