Should I not care about the future and date him or break it off before we both get hurt?

Basically, there's this guy and we both like each other. He says he's liked me for 2 years now but never made a move towards me since everyone told him that I'm not the type of girl that will easily date. I've liked him for 6 months not knowing that he liked me back. For about a month now, we've been talking near everyday via text and we literally click. He knows everything about me and I with him. The only problem is that we both come from the same Asian background that is so strict it's unbelievable - we are not allowed to date at all (the first guy/girl we marry should be the first one we ever dated). There's no hope of future between us either since we're from different sub section in our country - it's absolutely ridiculous! This is the 21st century and despite living in an European country and our parents are adamanent to hold onto tradition.

So guys and girls, what should I do? Should I live in the present and date him or should I save both of us from heartbreak now?

by the way it says I'm under 18 but I typed in the wrong age - we're both 19


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  • Do you value the possible life of dating or the tradition your parents want? Sounds like a big deal to your parents. Some people are ridiculous strict so I couldn't tell you to do anything that would jeopardize your family relationship. A lot of people in that kind of tradition situation seem to just lie to their parents as their only course of action. Not something could recommend and you would need to decide for yourself. That is a big dilemma that culturally does appear to conflict often with modern western... stuff.


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