Guys, How would you see this relationship?

- met each other family (one side at a birthday the other just because they were catching up and he invited me along) [his family also then invited me to Christmas dinner and hoped to see me again]
- go to the movies, dinners, sporting games etc
- have sleepovers (which includes amazing sex)
- bought each other cute little Christmas gifts ($15 max)
- "seeing each other" when talking about how long we've been doing what we're doing
- met each other's friends
- can confess your deepest secrets to
- text or call pretty much every day, every second day if you're busy. Phone calls usually last 30 minutes or longer
- makes you feel happy and calm in your otherwise stressful life

how would you see this relationship?

  • Heading somewhere - bf/gf
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  • Friends with benefits
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  • No relationship
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  • Definitely seems like a good relationship to me. Don't no how long u have been together but seems legit! :)


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