Should I wish my ex a Merry Christmas? It is that a no-go?

We've been talking (a little) again but ONLY if I initiate it. I'm just not sure if it matters whether I wish him a nice Christmas or not.

I guess i feel for him. Christmas is a hard time as he lost his mum and dad three years ago. Not sure if me texting him would only add more bad memories.

if you're wondering who broke up with who, he had reached breaking point and I wouldn't back down at the time... so he gave me the choice of stopping our argument or he would split up with me. I was angry at the time so I kept it going. There were other issues of course but this was the final straw for him :/.

So yeah, I guess I'm not sure whether to text him or whether I'll just seem clingy?

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  • Your highest obligation is to yourself, not to your ex, so first you should understand why you benefit from maintaining contact with him. Does this help you to move on with your life, or are you waiting for him to invite you back into his world?

    • This is true yeah. I just guess I miss him really. He ended up texting me first on Christmas anyway to wish me a merry Christmas etc.

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    • As long as you maintain contact with him, your feelings will persist and you will probably be hoping and waiting for him to invite you back into his life as his leading lady. As long as you maintain a relationship with him, you will not move forward with your life. There are three possibilities while you maintain contact: 1) he will never want to reconcile, 2) he will want to reconcile, you will try it, and it won't work for the same reasons that it didn't work before, or 3) he will want to reconcile and you will be like biscuits and gravy the rest of your lives. Which of those possibilities is most likely? Which is least likely?

    • Not necessarily. I find it much less painful having him as a friend that nothing at all. I have to say any of those are possible. Right now, I have no clue if he'd ever want to reconcile or not. None are particularly unlikely.

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  • You should do it, I mean , yeah maybe the relationship is over but you guys were happy at some moment back then... I still talk with my ex, it still hurts me really bad SOMETIMES but we are still friends, so If there was any special occasion, I would greet him and he would do the same 😊


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  • He sounds immature to me. He gave you an ultimatum. You did say there were other issues though...

    Anyway, I would text him. It would suck to be alone on Christmas if that happened to me. I would text and say that if he ever needed anything, he should let you know.

    • Yeah I kinda deserved that ultimatum at the time :/. He actually texted me first in the end and ended up calling me to ask how Christmas went which was nice :)

  • I think since you always initiate the convo it could mean he's not really into you? Anyways Personally I wouldn't text him merry Christmas coz I do not like most of my exes at all. There's like 2 of them whom I'm friends with. Just don't

    • Yeah that's what puts me off. To be fair, he's never been one to initiate anything with his exes anyway. I used to text my other ex a merry Christmas but I don't anymore. I won't though, unless he miraculously texts me first.

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