I'm scared to persue anything with my crush because my interest issues?

Whenever I like a guy, I get pretty intense feelings and try to talk to them and let them get to know me as much as possible. But ever since I broke up with my last boyfriend because I lost interest (and he treated me like sh*t...), whenever I flirt with a guy now I lose interest quickly and it makes me upset because the relationships could've turned into something long lasting and beautiful.. I admit I have trust issues and I'm scared of getting hurt but a lot of people do, too. I don't know what's wrong with me.
Now, I'm falling for this guy and everyone is telling me to confront him about my feelings but I'm scared because I really want this one to work out, we've known each other since 5th grade. I need help... Please? I don't know what I can do...


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  • Ah! I have been in your situation. What i would have done if i was you is either I hint that it to that guy i like him or i will tell him. You dont wanna repent it later in life.
    by the way love is a beautiful thing. Dont remove your faith in it because of your past. LOVE ON :D


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  • Baby-steps. One step at the time. You're still young, it's understandable the fact that you lose interest quickly. Don't worry, you will eventually be ready for a relationship, but right now it's too early.

    • Thank you, you're very calming 😌

    • You're welcome!

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