Girls, Post date (Into the girl's mind)?

Hey so a few days ago i went on a tinder date with this girl at least to me it went very well! So this is what happened:

We met up by a mall and me being me i was super nevous, went striaght to her favourite cafe where we had coffee and tea. Conversation flowed, she even surprised me with my favourite candy ( fuzzy peach rings) and i felt she was very intrested in what i had to say. After we went on an adventure for a small hike along the train tracks, saw some eagles, fell in the mud as it rained and tbh we were both laughing pretty hard. After she even suggested to get dinner and we did and lastly went on a train ride as she has never been on one. At the very end after almost 7 hours we were holding hands and before our goodbyes she kissed me.

So my questions may be kinda dumb as im 2nd guessing myself are:
She lives 50mins away would a distant relationship work like after a few more dates over a period of time in your opinion?
I won't be able to hangout with her for another 2 weeks, will she forget about me?
Weve been texting a lot but i dont want to over text, any advise?
And lastly and the most important : What goes on in a girls head after a very good date?

Extra information: not sure if this means much but she texted me that night to ask if she had made things awkward (her kissing me) and i reasured her she hadn't made anything weird at all cause aparently it had been worrying her. Thought it was cute :P

Anything would help thanks yo!
Merry Christmas :D


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  • If she likes you enough and you still contact her, you have no reason to worry :) Sounds like you got along well and I think you should keep taking things slow and see how it all folds out.

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