First time logging into date sites in months, no female likes just all men age 30+?

just logged into my old dating site profiles after 3 months, not 1 female likes me on them but i wave around 40 men age 30+ saying im a "cute twink" dafuq is that?

my dating profile is also set as straight so also dafuq?


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  • Well, if I were a 30 year old I would wink the shit out of you XD
    Dating sites suck. you're attractive, go out and hunt a bit lol


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  • Well first of all, you haven't been online since 3 months. That's a long time.
    Some people use the last online filter to search for new profiles.

    Second, online dating websites are filled with men. Finding a girl is not always easy, you've got to take the initiative yourself and message them. Some people are also shy and like the guy to start the conversation, don't know if this could be the reason.

    What website are you using?

  • HAHA! Where you live? Ohhh UK! Damn! I would totally have asked you out! Try clubs and volunteering!

  • Wtf are wrong with those men


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