Would you be upset if the girl you liked said she didn't want anything for Christmas?

So I've been seeing this guy (we are not official) for about a month. We've been talking and we had 2 dates. Plus I've hung out with him a few times as well.

He asked me last week (while he was drinking) if I would date him. I said yes and asked if he would date me. He said he would.

But he never asked me to be his girlfriend or anything.

Yesterday he asked me if I wanted anything for Christmas because he had asked all of his friends. I don't like asking for stuff, and I really don't need anything, so I said that I really appreciated that he was thinking of me. I also said I felt bad because I didn't get him anything (low on funds).

Last time we went out I paid for our dinner. He was taken by surprise on that, as he said he's never had a girl pay for him.

I really like him, but I'm afraid he think I don't like him since I told him not to get me anything.

I have a lot of stuff already (and I'm going through it all). I just downsized and moved so I'm still going through stuff. Plus I would rather a guy spend time with me rather than buy me presents.


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  • I'd be fine with it. Gift giving isn't in my nature (that's a different talk altogether). I'm more of a "just be with me" type of guy.

    I just hope for your sake that you really mean it when you say you don't want anything. Some guys are very literal and will take that at face value. So just don't get all pissy when he really doesn't get you anything.


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  • I wouldn't mind it. But I would still get her something. If he really knows you I'm sure he can think of something you want or need.

    I don't let women pay for my dinner. I was raised where a man always pays. Not a sexxist or anything, just old fashioned

    • I appreciate the old-fashioned mind-set. I wouldn't have been upset if he demanded he pay. But I really wanted to treat him. I really like this guy and I wanted to do something nice for him too :)

    • And honestly, if he does end up getting me a gift, I will definitely cherish it. No matter what it is. I just hate asking for things. I know I will love anything that he gets me, and if he doesn't get me anything that won't matter either. I will appreciate any time I spend with him.

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