Date ending up in a fight?

I told him clearly not to expect something, he said I dont. He asked me to chill with him and he will cook me some dinner at his place for the second time, I said I trust u, he said ok. as soon as we sit on the couch he started touching me, and I gently pushed him away, he tried two times and then BAMN he got angry, he said I have been undermining from the start with my comments, he said you can't talk to someone that way, are u anti social? i think u are a bitch. I simply stated that he was angry cause I wouldn't give him anything... he said do you have a social life? the way u talk to a person is not right... you complain blabla, I just simply stated what I dont like, which is a lot. I got angry and walked away, got a cab and left. What is his problem, he blocked me. he said I dont even want to fuck u, I was like yea right...


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  • He's desperate and insecure. Don't contact him again.


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  • He tried to reverse the roles on you.
    That is a form of pure pressure.
    I faced that in highschool.
    I remember when I was 15, I went to hang out with this guy,
    He kept asking me to give him oral.
    I said "No" over three times.
    Then he got angry , and said "Why do you have to ruin my day? Why are you acting like that for?"
    "You're acting shady"
    That's how immature men act.
    Sadly, the guy you are talking about is way older than these 14/15 year olds that I dealt with at the time.
    Sadly, he has not grown up and has a ways to go.
    Don't let this put you down.
    You did the right thing, standing your ground.
    A date shouldn't be about peer pressure.
    You should be intimate with someone when you feel comfortable.

    • exactly And thats what I was trying to say, he said you are acting weird, complaining, blablabla, and now he send me a message saying I think we both were not having our day blanla whatevs

    • Ah, he's pathetic ! You can do so much better.

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  • I think may he misinterpreted not wanting to have sex as in you'll do everything else or be open. Miscommunication on both ends.. Either way I'd be glad, clearly he showed his true colours and it's quite gross

  • I was laughing and then I kept reading. What an asshole. He's clearly a loser who didn't listen to what you said and disrespected you when his lame-ass tricks didn't work.

    Grade A pussy. You dodged a bullet. Congrats.

  • And your question is?