Why aren't boys direct?

does he like me? he has a girlfriend but I know for a fact he's only with her for the sex and the vibe he gives me is much more than a friend , he's tried to get with me before and he's constantly trying to make me jealous and get my attention. so does he like me or should I leave it alone?

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  • Leave it alone, a guy just in a relationship for sex is stupid. Also, if he's "flirting" with you while he's in a relationship, how would you know he wouldn't do that with other girls when you two are together?

    He also chose the other girl over you. If he wanted you more, he would've dumped her already, but he hadn't. You can "tell" what he wants, but you don't know what he wants. Don't but in on other's relationships.


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  • Because vaginas are complex structures.

  • You begin with the question why aren't boys direct, and then proceed to show you yourself are the one not being direct and asking if you should be. The answer is yes, YOU should start being direct.


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