Girls, I tend to go weak for guys who show dominance and they end up being douches?

I love to party so I don't like soft guys. I met a guy who is tall, built, confident and dominant. He made me laugh and had interesting stories to tell. We went on some dates. I was at a party and had a few drinks and he happened to be there. He pulled me to grind on him and started kissing my neck while feeling on my stomach (I wore a tied shirt). He started kissing my neck, back and stomach and one thing led to another. I don't know what happens later on. Can you relate?


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  • It's ok to go for dominant guys but never go for guys who don't respect you. Once you stop being easy you will weed out the fake guys who want to use you.

    What you're saying is that a player can take you on a couple dates then bang at a party and move on? I think you deserve a guy who will consistently treat you with love and respect and enjoy your company and get to know you.

    Your solution is to be harder to get. You can still like dominant guys but now they know it won't be easy to get you. So you'll get what you want

    • I met him the next day, and he lifted my shirt and went for my stomach with the other hand and I blocked him. I'm just so attracted to his confidence and dominance and strength that it's hard to resist when he advances. Don't you like strong, confident and dominant?

    • Yes but none of that means shit if it doesn't come with respect.

  • Like you don't know what happens in the "relationship" or you like blacked out?

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