What does this guy mean by this?

I've known him since jr high. Been hooking up often lately and hanging out. Throughout the years we've lived our own lives though. Anyway, the other day he told me, "you're beautiful, you deserve someone to spoil you and treat you right" is he saying I deserve someone better than him? Is he saying he's a jerk

He's sporadic when it comes to his communication with me. He'll contact me every few days. And after he said that, the deserve better thing, we had sex afterwards so does it still mean the same thing?


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  • he is trying to hint him, so if you are in a relationship you leave them for him..

    • I'm single. And we are I guess u can say friends with benefits. The thing is, he isn't consistent. He'll call once every other day or every few days. What's up with that then?

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    • What's a bum buddy?

    • bum buddy is a fuck buddy, aka friends with benefits ( sry British slang ) >.< merry Christmas

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  • No, he's saying he should be the one to spoil you. You need to take the hint and see that he is suggesting himself.

    • We were laying in bed and we ha shust had sex and we had sex afterwards. Does he still mean it? Lol

    • Ah that makes a difference. It means he is saying he is not willing to sign up for the spoiling because he already has you. He wants you to push some other guy for a relationship.

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  • Yes he's saying he's not in it for the long haul because he's encouraging you to find someone else. Sorry if you wanted more from him

  • He is calling u a whore