German pregnant by deceptive US Air Force personnel stationed in Germany?

Met him online, messaged/called me every day and night, making me feel like I am the one. He was so attentive & affectionate, would say just the right things, you get the picture.

I visited him. He knew I am rather conservative but was still very forceful, pressing/ demanding sex from the moment I stepped into his dorm room for the first time. Since I had the impression that he's serious about me (because I was serious about him) I did eventually give in. Whenever I brought up condoms he said they get regularly tested in the AirForce & that he trusts me.. I brought up possible pregnancies, but he covered my mouth to shush me & have his way.

I would bring it up again & again & he insisted I take the morning after pill & that he's gonna pay for it. He told me that American women either 'eat morning after pills like skittles' or are on some kinda contraception. I don't because I only have sex within a relationship & the last one was over 2 years ago - he knew and respected it, even asked over the phone to be his girlfriend so I naturally assumed after the sex, that we're kind of a thing.

I am back home since. After texting me whether I feel okay after the pill, I basically got ignored afterwards. Got ghosted and it fucking hurts.
And to make it worse, I found out today that I am pregnant despite the pill.
I will birth the child because I am a grown woman, have supportive friends & family members & believe that everything happens for a reason.

But I am scared & don't know if I should text him a third time. He once jokingly said that if he would get me pregnant he would always be there for 'us'... he would take us with him & if I don't want to, he'd haunt my ass with an attorney (his fam is rich) & take the child to the states.
I want to stay here with my child & am sure that I (& the baby) deserve better than a shady asshole like that. I don't know whether I should tell him that I'm pregnant.


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  • You don't tell him you tell his commanding officer. The air force won't put up with that

    • What exactly am I supposed to tell his commanding officer though?

    • That he's impregnated you and has disappeared

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  • What are you afraid of. Just tell him if u think u r grown up person. Talking can solve any kind of problem

    • What I am afraid of? 1. He doesn't give 2 shits about me, my feelings and boundaries or else he wouldn't go all radio silence after managing to get into my knickers so he'd readily do Nr2 ->. 2. He said if he ever has a child, he would not want them to grow up in Germany and he'd do whatever it takes to bring them to the states even if I don't want to. I mean those were his statements to hypothetical questions (that he initiated). If he knows there is a child in the making that carries his DNA he will most likely try to take the baby away from me since he doesn't care about me.

    • Talk to him

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  • You have really good English for a supposed German.

    • Thank you very much, English is actually my third language.

  • Well with that kind of threat maybe you shouldn't bother telling him if you are able to take care of the child financially on your own if your not planning on an abortion, doesn't seem like he will bother with you anyway


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