Why do I have such a hard time finding a guy I want to date, who also wants to date me?

I am currently in high school. I am pretty, smart, independent, nice, funny, honest, loyal, have lots of friends, not afraid to be myself, I can be a bit shy but once I get to know you I open right up. I was home schooled through the 8th grade. So as you may imagine I struggled socially when I first started 9th grade. Now, a couple years later I am happy and confident. However, I seem to have trouble with relationships. I have not seriously dated anyone ever. I am proud with who I am, and certainly NOT desperate. I am fine with single and don`t NEED a guy. I have no problem at all finding guys who want to date me, in fact they just seem to find me. But, most are immature and seem to want me only for my looks. The few boys that I truly like are different, not afraid to be themselves, mature, loyal, kind, etc. Unfortunately these seem to be few and far between, also it seems impossible to find one of these that is single, or is not in some other way unavailable!


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  • You sound mature, confident, and self-aware. Frankly, there's a lot of guys out there who are lagging a little bit behind on the maturity scale, as you have noticed.

    I think you have the right approach... be okay with being single for now, date once in a while just to stay in the game, but don't settle for someone just to have someone. With time, you'll be able to match up to the right person for you, I'm sure.


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