Guys, Is it true that before a female gives up their privates, that the female has all the power?

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  • Yes it is true only.

  • No, depends on the guy. If the guy has lots of options all it does is make him look elsewhere. If sex is viewed as a transaction then whoever wants to make the deal more is disadvantaged, this is often the girl but not always. I think one of the reasons women almost always had sex with me after only a few dates was because they realized I had lots of other women interested in me.

    • After you had sex with this, did you view the women differently?

    • Also, with you having many options, what helps you determine who to choose as your girlfriend?

    • I didn't, whether a girl did or didn't have sex with me made no difference to what I thought of her. Except when I was very young I chose my girlfriends from women who showed an interest in me, I didn't pursue them. I picked the one who was most attractive or interesting and seemed different from the other girlfriends I'd had where things didn't work out. I learned to spot incompatible types and avoid them no matter how good looking and charming they were.

      I always went into a relationship with the expectation the woman wanted something permanent and I gave that a fair chance. If that was what they wanted (and it nearly always was) I left when I decided I wasn't ever going to marry them.

      I guess from the woman's POV sex wasn't going to do anything to help convince me to marry them but no sex was definitely going to convince me not to.