My boyfriend went to a honkytonk without me?

His best friend and wife were in town and I spent the previous day and night with them but then went home so the guys could have time together since o thought his friends life was doing other things that day.

I went home to let my dog out and figured he would call later but didn't. He told me the next day they went out to a honkytonk that night because the wife wanted to dance and met one of her friends there.

i didn't say anything but feel like I have a right to be upset. Before I could even say anything he was like I didn't go inside o stayed out on the patio the whole time.

I've been rent to a honkytonk when I was single and if you don't dance you are pretty much alone with no one to talk to the whole time. I don't know why he didn't invite me.

I'm more upset about the low then him not inviting me and dancing with other people. It makes me think he knew he was doing something wrong by lying when I didn't even ask him any questions. If he would have just left it at he went to a honkytonk I wouldn't have said anything and appreciated the honesty. But then he throws out the o didn't dance crap.


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  • I would be hurt as well if that happened to me

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