Should I ask her?

so i meet this girl when i was 18 and she was 22 and now im 24 and she's 28 and we decided to give it a try we been talking for 5 months already she's in another country right now so in November i decided to go and visit her everything went good we had small arguements but we solved them i remeber she told me like 3 times that i should spend Christmas or new years with her because she's alone with a girl friend and she said i should spend it with her so when i came back to my place weeks later i decided to buy another ticket to go for new years eve and she was happy or glad she doesn't show that much affection now couple of weeks ago she's been in a bad mood or sad becuse she's alone in another country during Christmas and she wants to be with her family and we had couple of arguements and she said ungratefull things that got me mad and since then we dont talk as much i was trying to give her some space because she said she doesn't feel like talking to anyone because its Christmas and her job is taking her life away she works from 5am to 9pm yesterday she wrote to me in the morning wishing me a merry Christmas and we talked for a little bit now i dont know if i should go or should i ask her if she still wants me to go? i need some opinions


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  • Well logically you should simply ask her if she still wants you to come.