Would you rather have a child with a person and never marry then in incase you never get marry and find someone to have children with?

I feel I might need to find a guy date him have a child with him and never marry him and not stay with him because I feel I won't find the guy (Mr Right) I am waiting for? I feel I won't get marry ever.

I am really consider this because I want children more then Mr Right now and I make sure I pick a guy who wants kids and will be a good dad to them if we not together.

Should I consider doing this instead?

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  • My husband died two years ago and I had two children with him. There's no harder job than being a single parent. You face new challenges everyday which you don't expect. I love my kid s, but it's still difficult doing it alone, even when you have family and friends.

    You have to be mentally, emotionally, financially and physically prepared when you consider having a child. Not for your sake, but for the child's. Children thrive on love, stablity and security. As long as they have that they'll be happy.

    • I am really sorry to hear that

      Must have been hard losing the one you love

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  • I never know what life is going to bring to me

    I think I would regret not waiting for the love of my life, no matter how late he might have been

    U can always consider adoption though or a sperm donor if u really want children and u see urself in real risk of not hving one

    but if u date a guy just to have kids and eventually have them with him, that guy will always be on ur life no matter what

  • Sounds hell of complicated. I don't think its a good idea. Its just gonna look like you had a realtionship without marriage. I guess its smart but most avaibleble bachelors won't to date a mother.

  • No, I don't want children.

  • It depends on you. But would you want to be a single mom. Are you financially and emotionally ready. I'm a single mom.

  • May I point out you're under 18. You have PLENTY of time to find the right guy.

    • I know but I'm getting more of this feeling that I won't find someone. Like a gut feeling.

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    • Ah, okay that makes more sense

    • I think everyone has that gut feeling once in a while