Whom would you date?

you're a foreign student in another country, and you spend some time in halls cos it saves money and you have to pay tuition.

However, cos you're foreign, you're a natural novelty.

She lives in the same halls, and is a few years younger than you are. a bit preppy/prissy, but loves sports and animals. she has no time for you talkign with anybody else, cos she gets jealous quickly. You were once FWBs, but she's shy in bed, and only is forthcoming when she gets into it.
whom would you date?
she lives in on the same floor, but whilst not super hot by social standards, she is more confident. not in your face, but doesn't give a fuck what others think or do. And she's smart, not just academically, but is a good public speaker, and runs some student uni charities. even has goals to become a politician. thing is she secretly hates being chubby, but then due to studies still doesn't exercise. She was also one time FWBs, but then is more confident in bed, and gives better BJs, and has nice feeling puss.

She is another foreign student, from China, but she's pretty hyper. She was also an friends with benefits, but then is not very sharing and likes only to have sex her way. She has a bold personality, but then this belies an insecurity, cos she wants to leave China to grow into herself more. She also dislikes being thin, cos she wants to be more rounded, but then no matter what she eats she cannot put weight on. But she's academically sound, and the more holistically intelligent of the bunch. She likes things from history, to art, to philosophy, and hates those who don't have their own views on stuff.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Oh damn, the middle girl sounds awesome!! I also like the bottom one. So... one of those two. Though the middle girl just sounds like she would be great in every aspect and I would love to be with her. Middle one, I would date the middle one!!

  • i'm not gay so i wouldn't date any of the ladies. i'd like to be friends with all of them tho. they seem cool


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  • I still definitely like the first one

    • but then many others can post the same content, and you don't like it... hmm... kind of too old to have these infantile rules.. cool.

    • Yeah she would have to loosen up a bit on some things but since is the look I prefer I would put up with her for awhile