So what do I do now?

I was dating someone for 5 months, we were besotted and so happy. I got scared I was falling In love with this person, I called it off and knew from that second I'd made a mistake... I tried to fix it, but all we did was argue about everything for 3 months long, which shows there's clearly something still there. Anyway we were on a staff night out and we started arguing again, we went outside to speak and in the middle of this he kissed me... I walked away as I had anger in me, but he soon followed me and saw my crying, and so was he... And he told me he'd fallen for me, and I told him. The next day he's very cold with me and the past few days we've been texting but he doesn't answer after about 2 text and is distant? What should I do leave him alone or still try and show I want it again as I have said... Why is he acting like this now?

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  • You got close to him before and you shut him down. Now, you got close again and he probably thinks you'll repeat. Did you apologize yet? Does he know you panicked because you felt so strongly about him?

    Could you ask him to hang out maybe?

    • Yes I have explained everything, but he does seem guarded towards me which is natural I guess, but I just don't know what way I should go about it

    • I think it will probably just take time for him to gather his thoughts. You might have really broken him the first time

  • Most guys are scared of their feelings. he's scared that you might reject him. I know, you told him you liked him too and stuff but he's still scared that you don't mean it. Reassure him and tell him how you feel (again). You got this.

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